Artistic. Tasteful. Empowering.

**Body positivity sessions, varying levels of spicy**

Out of respect for privacy, I do not publicly publish the images created for my clients (unless permission is granted to share)

  • Sessions are offered in your home, or a hotel or AirBnB you rent.
  • Lighting styles will reflect the mood/vibe you want to convey. (We will discuss this ahead of time)
  • Hair & makeup are up to you.
  • Sessions usually last around an hour, and yield 40+ images.
  • Guiding your posing is a thing.
  • Limits are respected.
  • The images are yours to download from a private gallery and do what you want with (share, print, use on spicy sites, etc)

$395 for one human, $200 per additional human.

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Body Positivity at its finest. All humans, as individuals, couples or groups, are welcome.

Body Positive Photography

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